About Me

Hey, I’m Annie! Lover of all things word related, obsessive book hoarder, and collector of odd and old things. I’m a Wisconsin native who spent five years in the Twin Cities for school and work and then moved to Portland, Oregon. I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA in English and creative writing, and began my career in the Minneapolis publishing industry.

I was an annuals and new titles book editor at Llewellyn Publications (the world’s oldest + largest independent New Age publisher) before deciding to join my partner on an adventure to the west coast. Since then I’ve expanded my freelance career in editing and communications from my new climate and locale.

My varied background has led to opportunities in magazine writing and editing, publishing, copywriting, book editing, social media management, and marketing, and I’ve loved every minute of it. I’m an avid reader, meticulous editor, and passionate writer. I love taking words and creating something special with them.

Beyond work, I love hanging out with my two rescue dogs, Luna and Atlas. I spend a lot of time cooking and creating recipes. I’m passionate about the disability community, as my aunt (my very favorite person) is cognitively delayed and deaf, and I’ve been a volunteer Special Olympics coach for over six years, including head coaching the Portland aquatics team. I love traveling and seeking out new experiences and adventures wherever I find myself.

You can see more of my professional background on my LinkedIn page.

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