Welcome! My name is Annie, and I’m two semesters away from graduating with my degree from the University of Minnesota, where I’ve been pursuing a major in English and a minor in Creative Writing. I’d love to use my skills and enthusiasm for writing and editing to create or enhance content for your website, blog, studies, or even for your personal life.

I have a wide variety of experiences with a diverse range of writing and editing projects. Examples of my work can be found on my Portfolio page. I currently work as a Marketing Intern at Lerner Publishing Group, an Editorial Intern for Tiger Oak Media, and Cities Editor for The Wake Magazine. In the past I was Editor in Chief of Odyssey at the U of M, and chief fiction editor and copyeditor for Ivory Tower (an undergraduate art and literary magazine). I’ve also written for other magazines and websites, including Society19, PositiveActivism, OneClass, The Wake, Ivory Tower, The Nerd Daily, and Literary Quicksand; and I run a personal blog where I post book reviews and literary content. I also have a significant background with creative writing, both in the classroom and outside of it.

My passions in life are: beautiful things, good writing, vintage treasures, traveling, delicious food, helping people, old movies, happy music, and exploration. If your project is related to any of these things, I guarantee I will be extremely interested. However, I will devote myself to any writing or editing project that comes my way, no matter the topic!

I promise to dedicate myself to your creative project fully, to meet any and all deadlines we set, and to be continually in contact to make sure that the service you ask for is done to your satisfaction.  I’m organized, hardworking, and a bit of a perfectionist.

Without a doubt, I will go above and beyond with your creative project or content. Please contact me if you think you have a need that I can fill!