Hi! My name is Annie, and I’m a freelancer living in lovely St. Paul, Minnesota. I have a BA from the University of Minnesota, where I completed a major in English and a minor in creative writing. 

As a younger freelancer, I’m fresh, enthusiastic, and always up for a challenge. And my age doesn’t reflect a lack of experience. In fact, I’ve already held several full and part-time writing and editing positions. My full-time profession is as a book editor at Llewellyn Worldwide (see more information on the Editing page!). In the past, I’ve held roles as the editor of a section of The Wake magazine; I’ve been on the staff of a literary magazine as the chief fiction editor and copyeditor; I’ve been a writing intern for several large local magazines; and the editor in chief of my university’s branch of Odyssey. I’ve been busy!

As a freelancer, I have worked on a diverse range of writing and editing projects. Many examples can be seen on my Portfolio page. Feel free to click some links and take a look at my past work!

I promise to dedicate myself to your creative project fully, to meet any and all deadlines we set, and to be continually in contact to make sure that the service you ask for is done to your satisfaction.  I’m organized, hardworking, and a bit of a perfectionist.