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The following are links to some of the places where you can find the work shown above, as well as plenty of other pieces. Many other articles and creative works were published in print only or are no longer available online, and unfortunately cannot be linked.

Art, Food & Theater

Best Drink in Town” (City South Magazine)

Holiday Spirits with Lowry Hill Liquors” (City South Magazine)

Meet New East Metro Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster Joan Molloy” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Stillwater Photo Contest’s Winners Highlight the Beauty of the City” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Welcome to Food Bowl Society” (The Wake Magazine, Issue 5, Fall 2017)

Gary Alan Nelson’s Gorgeous Photography Captures Local and Global Natural Beauty” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Morrissey’s Irish Pub is Your New Go-to St. Patrick’s Day Stop” (City South Magazine)

Spring Wines” (St.Croix Valley Magazine)

20 Most Delicious Things That You Need To Eat In Minneapolis Before You Die (Or Graduate)” (Society19)

Your Community Theater” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Sara’s Tipsy Pies Are Heavy on Originality and Flavor” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Embracing Our Roots” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Handmade with St. Croix Spirit” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Meet Two of Sister Act’s Triple-threat Performers” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Travel & Local Exploration

Take a Food Tour of City South” (City South Magazine)

Winter Walks in the St. Croix Valley” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

10 Great Minneapolis Restaurants at Three Different Price Ranges” (Odyssey)

Eat Your Day Away in the U’s West/Village” (The Wake Magazine, Issue 5, Fall 2017)

Stillwater Style at Rivertown Inn” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

How I Took A Super Cheap Vacation With My Friends This Winter Break” (Odyssey)

Isles Home: Mediterranean Villa” (Lake Society Magazine)

Calhoun Home: Classic Charm” (Lake Society Magazine)

Books, Writers & Pop Culture

Book Talk” (City South Magazine)

10 Books Under 200 Pages” (The Nerd Daily)

Letter from the Editor” (The Wake Magazine, Issue 4, Fall 2017)

Review: The Wendy Project” (The Nerd Daily)

Writing in the Valley: Meet Local Author Tim Bouvine” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Rain Man Review” (The Wake Magazine, Issue 3, Fall 2017)

Start a Netflix Marathon With These Movie Gems!” (The Nerd Daily)

Nonprofits, Activism, Social Justice & Community Members

How One Scholarship Is Providing Opportunities for Kids with Special Needs” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

World of Books” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

How One Local Woman Walked Coast to Coast to Help the Homeless” (City South Magazine)

“Better Employment for a Better City” (The Wake Magazine)

Moving Forward from Cancer” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

6 Important Things That You Might Not Know About ASL And Deaf Culture” (Odyssey)

The Pony Activity Center Benefits Stillwater Students and Community Members Alike” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

10 Lessons I’ve Learned About Life From My Disabled Aunt” (Odyssey)

“Opportunities for All, Regardless of Ability” (Positive Activism)

Britta Babel Is a Local Resident Who Has Found a Big Way to Advocate for Cancer Patients” (City South Magazine)

Homeless, But Not Helpless” (Odyssey)

Culture: Kevin Bowe” (Lake Society Magazine)

In Response To The Stanford Rape Ruling And Letters” (Odyssey)

“A Minnesota Murder Mystery” (The Wake Magazine)

Community Events & Local Business

Forbes Honors, New Flavors and Community Values— Jonnypops Is Not Slowing Down” (City South Magazine)

Flying Fun” (City South Magazine)

Local Beats with MnSpin” (City South Magazine)

Civil War Legacy” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Santa Returns to Hudson” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Get Fit Quick at River Valley Athletic Club” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Learn to Macramé” (City South Magazine)

Fresh Thyme Brings Community Support and Great Food to SLP” (City South Magazine)

Carpenter Nature Center Brings You the Art of Maple Syruping” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Urban Tails Pet Supply is Stocked with Perfect Pet Gifts” (City South Magazine)

Happy Valentine’s Day from Valley Gift Shops” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Innovative Eyewear Company, Eyebobs, Opens a Local Storefront” (City South Magazine)

“A History Like No Other” (The Wake Magazine)

Humorous & Miscellaneous

How to Survive Your Summer As a Petting Farm Tour Guide” (Odyssey)

Perspectives: Early vs. Late Graduation” (The Wake Magazine, Issue 4, Fall 2017)

10 Hilarious Texts from My Disabled Aunt and What They Really Mean” (Odyssey)

Why You Should Never Judge What Someone Else Is Passionate About” (Odyssey)

Creative Writing

The Write Launch

“Sister” (Flumes Literary Journal)

“Advice for Our Daughters” (Stoneboat Literary Journal)

“Stress Relief for Beginners” (The Tower Art and Literary Journal)

“Real-Life Princess” (Minnesota’s Best Emerging Poets)

“Mid-Air” (America’s Best Emerging Poets)

Book Discussion Guides

Girls on the Line

Flight of Swans

I, Claudia