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Bring the Wild into Your Garden, published March 2021 by Summersdale Press, an imprint of Hachette UK.
Synopsis: “Whether you long to see butterflies flit across your flowerbeds or hear birdsong all year round, there’s something endlessly rewarding about playing host to wildlife. With practical projects and helpful tips for gardens big and small, this guide will help boost local biodiversity and benefit countless native species.”

Unconscious Bias, published March 2021 by Summersdale Press, an imprint of Hachette UK.
Synopsis: “Unconscious bias affects us all. From the smallest assumption to the most sweeping generalization, the way we think about others can unknowingly influence our behaviour and shape our culture. Acting as your mentor and guide, this book will take you through the most common forms of prejudice, including gender, race, size, age and sexuality. It also explores the psychology behind our biases and provides actionable tips and simple exercises to help you combat implicit judgements.”

You can listen to the audiobook here!

Gardening for Mind, Body and Soul, coming February 2022 from Summersdale Press, an imprint of Hachette UK. Synopsis: We have long been aware of the positive effects of spending time in nature and how it can be a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern life. Science now tells us that cultivating a green space of our own can be restorative and even transformative for our physical and mental well-being, with a proven ability to reduce depression and anxiety, boost our happiness levels and provide a feeling of balance and calm.

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PEOPLE Magazine

The Spruce Eats

The Kitchn

Apartment Therapy



Food, Drinks & Arts

Want to Start Your Own Food Truck? Read This First.” (Eater)

A Breakfast by Many Names: The World’s Love Affair With Pancakes” (The Spruce Eats)

For Instagram-Worthy Charcuterie Spreads This Summer, Check Out These Pro-Approved Picks” (Food & Wine)

I’ve Tried Countless Mayos — This Surprising Brand Is My New Favorite” (Kitchn)

Take a Food Tour of City South” (City South Magazine)

4 Plant-Based Pantry Alternatives You Need in Your Life” (Plantie)

The 4 Basic Spatulas Every Home Cook Needs, According to a Professional Baker” (The Kitchn)

The Little Kitchen Tool That’ll Make Your Summertime Cheese Boards a Million Times Better” (The Kitchn)

Date Nights à la Maison” (Taffeta)

Jebena Cafe’s customers have kept them open & thriving, in spite of a pandemic” (Seattle Refined)

The Underrated Canned Ingredient I’ve Been Adding to My Dinners All Summer Long” (The Kitchn)

“Sandwich Night” (article in Llewellyn’s 2021 Herbal Almanac, book published summer 2020)

Best Drink in Town” (City South Magazine)

Eating Plant-Based on a Budget” (Plantie)

Inside Galactic Pizza’s (super)heroic earth-conscious business model” (City Pages)

Benefits Of The Mediterranean Diet You Might Not Have Heard Of” (Healthified Mag)

4 Important Health Benefits Of Peas And 4 Ways To Eat Them” (Healthified)

Three Meal Preps to Keep You Feeling Good Throughout Your Shift” (Stability Healthcare)

A Spice Connoisseur’s Guide to Hot Sauce” (Taffeta)

Eat Bitter Greens For Better Health. Here’s Why” (Healthified)

Holiday Spirits with Lowry Hill Liquors” (City South Magazine)

Gary Alan Nelson’s Gorgeous Photography Captures Local and Global Natural Beauty” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Three High-Protein Smoothies (Without Protein Powder) To Start Your Day” (Healthified Mag)

Morrissey’s Irish Pub is Your New Go-to St. Patrick’s Day Stop” (City South Magazine)

Spring Wines” (St.Croix Valley Magazine)

Sara’s Tipsy Pies Are Heavy on Originality and Flavor” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Handmade with St. Croix Spirit” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Travel & Homes

Experience Fall In Washington Wine Country” (State of Washington)

The Best Luxury Hotels in Portland” (Culture Trip)

The Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Portland” (Culture Trip)

The Best Boutique Hotels in Portland, Oregon” (Culture Trip)

The Most Romantic Hotels in Portland, Oregon” (Culture Trip)

The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels in Portland” (Culture Trip)

The Best Holiday Apartments in Portland, Oregon” (Culture Trip)

The Best Bed & Breakfasts in Portland, Oregon” (Culture Trip)

Winter Walks in the St. Croix Valley” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Isles Home: Mediterranean Villa” (Lake Society Magazine)

Calhoun Home: Classic Charm” (Lake Society Magazine)

The Best U.S. Weekend Getaway Spots You’ve Never Heard Of” (Taffeta)

How to Make Your Backyard an Oasis” (Taffeta)

How to Enjoy Your Off Time in Milwaukee” (Stability Healthcare)

Personal Essays, Semi-Reported Work & News-Pegged Pieces

How 3 Non-Monogamous Couples Pivoted During COVID-19” (Rewire)

I’m living with chronic pain and I’m far from alone” (SingleCare: The Checkup)

I Only Learned Throat STIs Exist Because I Tested Positive for One” (O.School)

I Reserved a Private Bookstore Shopping Hour and it Made My Week” (Taffeta)

The Five Levels of Self-Quarantine: Which One Are You?” (Taffeta)

Parents and Students: The Coronavirus Has Changed Our College Decisions” (Road2College)

Health, Beauty & Wellness

How to Support a Partner with Back Pain” (SpineUniverse)

The Best Ergonomic Garden Tools For Your Back” (SpineUniverse)

Getting Treatment When You’re Young and In Pain” (Practical Pain Management)

Day vs. Night Skincare Routines” (Essential Wholesale blog)

Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Your Sex Life” (SpineUniverse)

What Are the Best Summer Activities If You Have Back Pain?” (SpineUniverse)

Herniated Disc Treatment” (SpineUniverse)

Tips for Camping When You Have Back Pain” (SpineUniverse)

Should You Outsource Your 3D Printing?” (SpineUniverse for Professionals)

The Sound Healing Scape in 2020” (Plantie)

The Back Pain-Cancer Connection” (SpineUniverse)

The Pros and Cons of Fair Trade Ingredients” (Essential Wholesale blog)

How to Read a Cosmetics Ingredient List” (Essential Wholesale blog)

Should You Exercise Before Bed? Here’s What Experts Think.” (Healthified Mag)

The 3 Best Things to Do First Thing In The Morning, According to a Nutritionist” (Healthified Mag)

2020 Giving You Tension Headaches? Here Are Some Solutions.” (Taffeta)

Is Your Skincare Wrong For Your Skin Type? Here’s How You Can Fix It.” (Essential Wholesale blog)

Sustainability, Gardening & Plants

What is a wormery and how can it benefit your garden?” (Cottage Life)

The Best Ergonomic Garden Tools For Your Back” (SpineUniverse)

I’m Shocked By How Happy I Am with My Swap to Sustainable Laundry Powder” (Pretzel)

Switching to a Shampoo Bar for a Week: What I Learned and Why You Should Switch” (Taffeta)

These Are the Best Pet-Friendly Plants” (Always Pets)

Eco-Friendly Product Swaps That Will Make Your Home More Sustainable” (Taffeta)

The Online Free Economy You May Not Know About” (Taffeta)

Sustainable Skincare: Q & A with Beauty Brand Founder Kora Goodman” (Taffeta)

Products, Reviews, Business Guides & Commerce

The Best Dyson Deals To Shop Right Now” (MyDomaine)

The Company Behind the Internet-Famous Always Pan Just Came Out With Two Gorgeous New Glasses” (Apartment Therapy)

Amazon Prime Day 2021: What to Know Before the Big Sale” (Simply Recipes)

The Little Kitchen Tool That’ll Make Your Summertime Cheese Boards a Million Times Better” (Kitchn)

Score Dreamy Deals on Sleeper Sofas from Overstock’s Holiday Home Sale” (Apartment Therapy)

I Finally Found Kitchen Sponges That Don’t Get Totally Gross After a Week” (Kitchn)

Shop These Home Favorites For Less During Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale” (MyDomaine)

The Brand Behind This Editor-Loved Sofa Is Having a Massive Black Friday Sale” (Apartment Therapy)

First-Year Hurdles of Owning a Bakery” (SumUp)

The Best Cyber Monday Deals to Shop for 2021” (Simply Recipes)

8 Rugs That Will Instantly Make Your Space Feel Roomier (and They’re on Sale!)” (Apartment Therapy)

The 11 Best Mother’s Day Deals to Shop Right Now” (The Spruce Eats)

Way Day 2021: The Best Deals to Shop” (The Spruce Eats)

Professional Chefs Recommend Five Key Kitchen Tools You Might Not Have But Definitely Need” (Pretzel)

This Hybrid Dog Bowl-Water Bottle Is Perfect for On-the-Go Pet Parents” (Apartment Therapy)

The $8 Tool That Makes Charcuterie Boards (and Even Hot Dogs!) So Much Better” (The Kitchn)

Swap Your Iced Coffee For Iced Tea This Summer” (Pretzel)

If You Don’t Already Own Made In’s Super Popular Carbon Steel Fry Pan, This Is Your Last Chance!” (The Kitchn)

Take Your Stand Mixer to the Next Level with KitchenAid’s Attachments Sale” (The Kitchn)

This Is How Long You Should Really Use Your Bathroom Products Before Replacing Them” (Healthified Mag)

Relationships & Self-Care

How To Support Your Depressed Friend When You’re Depressed Too” (Rewire)

The Real Differences Between Open Relationships and Polyamory” (Giddy)

Has pandemic life created codependent habits? Here’s how to get the space you need.” (Love, Keepler)

Self-Love: The Struggles & How to Practice It” (Plantie)

Using Your Love Languages the Right Way” (Taffeta)

Experts’ Secrets on Love in Quarantine” (Taffeta)


The Book House newsletters (copywriting, layout, and some photos): April, May, June

Luxury Paris Retreat landing page (edited by client)

Blooms, LLC website, copy for all landing pages, as well as layout

*Other ghostwritten copywriting projects available to be sent as samples via email; please inquire. Topics include cruise launch, travel nursing, marketing, event networks, courier logistics.

Pets & Animals

Does Your Dog Find ‘Snacks’ on Walks? Here’s What You Should Do” (Dogster)

These Healthy Fruits and Veggies Make Good Snacks For Dogs with Pancreatitis” (Dogster)

25 Pricey Pets, Ranked from Least to Most Expensive” (Always Pets)

Urban Tails Pet Supply is Stocked with Perfect Pet Gifts” (City South Magazine)

Books, Writers & Media

Birds of a Feather: On Deb Olin Unferth’s ‘Barn 8‘” (Cleveland Review of Books)

Review: An Albatross Around the Neck of Albert Ross (Midwest Book Review)

Book Talk” (City South Magazine)

Writing in the Valley: Meet Local Author Tim Bouvine” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Nonprofit, Social Justice & Human Interest

How One Scholarship Is Providing Opportunities for Kids with Special Needs” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

CEO Spotlight: Beatrice Dixon” (Taffeta)

World of Books” (St. Croix Valley Magazine)

Creative Writing

The Write Launch

“Sister” (Flumes Literary Journal)

“Advice for Our Daughters” (Stoneboat Literary Journal, republished in 10th anniversary edition)

“Stress Relief for Beginners” (The Tower Art and Literary Journal)

“Real-Life Princess” (Minnesota’s Best Emerging Poets)

“Mid-Air” (America’s Best Emerging Poets)

Book Discussion Guides

Girls on the Line

Flight of Swans

I, Claudia

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