Editing has always been a passion of mine. I love the challenge of scouring through documents or books to find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or sentences in need of an upgrade. 

So, how can editing services help you or your business?

  • You can clean up your business web copy, making your online presence more clean and professional (potential customers scope you out online, and many make judgments when copy is confusing or full of errors!)
  • You can be sure that marketing materials are perfectly edited before they’re printed or posted (let’s work on your menu, fliers, ads, newsletters, and more!)
  • You can be sure to submit an expertly edited manuscript to agents or publishers.
  • You can make yourself highly appealing to employers by having a flawless resume or cover letter.

Here’s why I’m qualified to help…

Past professional editing work:

  • Book editor (annuals and new titles) at Llewellyn Publications (Feb. 2018-July 2019, followed by freelance editing)
  • Editor in Chief of the University of Minnesota’s branch of Odyssey (2015-2017)
  • Chief fiction editor and copyeditor of The Tower: Art and Literary Magazine (2017 edition)
  • Editor of the Cities section of The Wake Magazine (2017)

Published and forthcoming titles edited by me:

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