Editing Experience

Editing has always been a passion of mine. I love the challenge of scouring through documents or books to find grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, or sentences in need of an upgrade.

I am fluent in the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) and use it on a daily basis, though I also have experience using AP and MLA styles. I am proficient in Microsoft programs, Google Drive, InDesign, and WordPress, so we can work in any medium you choose!

Past editing roles:

  • Editor in Chief of the University of Minnesota’s branch of Odyssey, a major online content platform. Held an editing role on this team for over a year. Managed a team of 25–35 writers and edited their weekly articles, as well as other management tasks and hiring.
  • Chief Fiction Editor and Copyeditor for The Tower, an art and literary magazine. Selecting best submissions of fiction, editing all selected pieces, and copyediting entire magazine and marketing materials.
  • Editor of the Cities section of The Wake Magazine in Minneapolis. I pitched topics for the section and then worked with writers to edit their articles and prepare them for print in the magazine.


My current profession is that of book editor for a publishing company called Llewellyn Worldwide. Llewellyn is based in the Twin Cities, where I currently live, and is the world’s oldest and largest independent publisher of new age books. The company has been in existence since 1901 and is a massive staple of the increasingly popular new age genre.

As a new titles editor for Llewellyn, I work with a manuscript through many stages of development, and do a full range of editing, from basic copyedits to developmental work and author querying. I make changes to improve sentence clarity and readability; I collaborate with authors to offer suggestions and ask clarifying questions; I edit and confirm citations.

The other component of my job is editing annual titles. I am responsible for seven of our yearly calendars, almanacs, and datebooks. For these titles, not only do I edit all of the written material, but I also contact writers, select and approve article topics, contract written work, and format the text and visual components in InDesign. Some of these titles include huge portions of fresh written material that needs to be contracted, edited, and formatted. Other titles (like calendars) involve mainly layout and InDesign work.


Published titles:

  • Llewellyn’s Little Book of Life Between Lives
  • Paranormal Parasites
  • Haunted World War II
  • A Psychic’s Life
  • How to Use a Crystal
  • Angel Intuition
  • Crossroads of Conjure
  • Crystals Beyond Beginners
  • Only a Thought Away
  • Great Wizards of Antiquity

Forthcoming titles:

  • Celtic Tree Rituals
  • Fierce Woman
  • Morbid Magic
  • Pathworking the Tarot
  • What Is Remembered Lives
  • Modern Dreamwork
  • And more!

Annuals (2020 editions to be released in summer 2019):

  • 2020 Sabbats Almanac
  • 2020 Moon Sign Book
  • 2020 Moon Sign Datebook
  • 2020 Astrological Pocket Planner
  • 2020 Magical Mystical Cats Calendar
  • 2020 Magical Faeries Calendar
  • 2020 Essential Oil Calendar